Rum and Steel

Steel drum music for all occasions

Rum and Steel is a steel drum duo based out of Springfield, MA. We can provide steel drum music for any occasion you have and can provide solo performances up to a 4 piece steel drum combo. Let us provide the music for your wedding, private banquet or backyard party

Package 1

Solo Steel Drum or Guitar Performance

You can book Rum and Steel as a solo performance with either Jon playing melodies and solos on steel drum with backing tracks or Ed playing guitar and singing along with backing tracks that include the sound of Jon's steel drums. Sometimes cash and space are limited and this can be your best bet to have that island sound for your event or party. Pricing starts at $250

Package 2

Steel Drum Guitar Duo

You can book Rum and Steel as the steel drum/guitar duo. This is how Rum and Steel began. You will have two players trading off melody lines between Ed's vocals and Jon's steel drums. This package is your best all around package because it will keep your guests engaged as the melody lines go back and forth between vocals and steel drums. You can also request to have the steel drums play all the melody lines if you would rather not have a vocalist but want something more than a solo act. Jon can also provide two steel drummers as another duo option. Pricing starts at $350

Package 3

Three to Five Piece Band

You can have Rum and Steel perform as a 3 piece act with Rum and Steel adding either a bass player or percussion player depending on the event.

You can also book the band as a 4 piece or 5 piece group which would be steel drums, guitar/vocal, bass guitar, drummer and/or percussion player. This combination will provide a huge full band sound and be great for wedding receptions and larger events such as a block party or company picnic. Pricing starts $500



Please feel free to call Jon Adams with any questions on pricing or questions you might have about any of our performance packages. 413-531-0226 or